Spa Hygiene Protocol

While Periwinkles Esthetics is a home based spa business, please feel confident that the utmost in cleanliness and hygiene will always be followed.  For your comfort and concern, the following should be known:

  • ~ Linens and towels are white.  This facilitates the use of bleach in laundering, a sanitation must in the spa world.
  • ~ Implements are stainless steel, sterilized in a steam autoclave.
  • ~ Pedicure basins are lined with single use disposable plastic liners to insure total protection from transmittable infectious skin conditions such as Athlete’s foot, fungal infections, and plantar warts.
  • ~ Hair removal wax sticks are absolutely never double dipped to maintain wax hygiene.
  • ~ Disposable nail files, buffers, and brow brushes are given to clients for their own home use or disposed of.


Covid-19 Protocol for Clients

Before arriving, you need to know:

  • ~ Pre-screening questions concerning Covid-19 symptoms will be asked with every confirmation.  No charge for same day cancellations if client feels they may be exhibiting any symptoms of ill health.
  • ~ Clients are to come alone unless accompanying others within their household or “bubble”.
  • ~ Do not arrive early for appointment as extra time will be required between clients for disinfection of spa.
  • ~ Clients are to arrive at door wearing a mask, left on for the duration of appointment.  Disposable masks are available at the spa for a nominal fee.  A replacement mask may be purchased if coughing/sneezing causes mask to become moistened.


While in the spa, you need to know:

  • ~ Filtered water served in a disposable glass will be the only beverage served.
  • ~ Clients will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the spa.  Hand sanitizing gel will be available in the spa.
  • ~ There will be no esthetic services performed on the face (facials, lash/brow tinting, facial waxing).  This has been mandated by the NS Provincial Gov’t.
  • ~ The esthetic bed linens are changed between clients.  The manicure table and chair disinfected between clients.
  • ~ All common surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, stair railing, bathroom fixtures will be disinfected between clients.
  • ~ Cash is not to be exchanged.  All payments may be made by cheque or email transfer.


Concerning the esthetician, you need to know she will:

  • ~ Cancel all appointments if she feels any sign of ill health.
  • ~ Wear a mask and disposable nitrile gloves for all services, and may wear an additional face shield.
  • ~ Wash her hands before beginning any services.
  • ~ Wear a freshly laundered uniform each day.