Hygiene Protocol:

While Periwinkles Esthetic Care is a home based spa business, please feel confident that the utmost in cleanliness and hygiene will always be followed.

All linens and towels are white.  This facilitates the use of bleach in laundering, a sanitation must in the spa world.

All hard surfaces are disinfected using Accel TB, a powerful disinfectant which uses accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology, and is effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens in only five minutes.

All implements are stainless steel, and are sterilized in an autoclave (the same technology used in dental offices).

Pedicure basins are lined with single use disposable plastic liners to insure total protection from transmittable infectious skin conditions such as Athlete’s foot, fungal infections, and plantar warts.

Hair removal wax sticks are absolutely never double dipped to maintain wax hygiene.

Disposable nail files, buffers, and brow brushes are given to clients for their own home use or disposed of.

Paraffin wax treatments are poured into single use plastic bags which are then placed on the hands or feet to maintain paraffin wax hygiene.