Manicures Halifax

Perhaps you may be wondering what going to an esthetician’s private home to have esthetic services would be like.  When you arrive, you will enter through my front door, as would any company or friend!  Periwinkles Esthetics is located on the lower level of my home; therefore, it is necessary to be able to negotiate a half flight of stairs to enter the spa. It will not be necessary to remove your coat or footwear until we enter the spa where you may leave your belongings within your reach and sight.

The spa is very spacious, with lots of room if you would like to bring along company, and there is a full bath located on the same level for your convenience.  Scheduling appointments so as not to overlap, you may be assured of complete privacy.  Before we get started with your first service at Periwinkles Esthetics, it will be necessary to complete a brief health profile.  This ensures that the services I will be completing for you are safe and appropriate.

The environment of my spa is very quiet. There will be no interruptions as I do not answer telephone calls while servicing you.  Please understand that if you call Periwinkles Esthetics and do not receive an answer, it is because I am either away from home or with a client who is receiving my full attention.  Wireless internet is available, and as you will be the only client in the spa, you may talk on your cell phone at your leisure. There will always be ambient spa music playing softly in the background which may be turned off if you prefer so.

I offer a full range of cold and hot beverages, and will always have current popular magazines for you to read if you are waiting for your manicure or pedicure to dry.

As far as parking goes, please feel free to park in my driveway if there is no vehicle already there.  Otherwise, there is plenty of parking directly in front of my home.